EVE Solar Storage Solutions for a Sustainable home

With the constant pressure of rising electricity prices placing stress on Australian households and the costs of solar systems decreasing, isn’t it time you explored a solar storage solution?

Its time to get off the grid with EVE.


What Type of Plug Does my Electric Car use?

J1772 plug SAE

Type 1 Electric Car Plug

This is the standard plug type for electric vehicle Charging stations across Australia primarily from the USA, Japanese brands, and some European cars. EV's using this plug in Australia include the Holden Volt, Nissan Leaf,  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, BMW i3, BMW i8 and Mercedes Benz PHEV. A charger with a Type 1 plug can connect directly to most electric vehicles with many vehicle manufacturers adopting this connector. It can be used for single phase charging up to 240V. The type 1 connector sold in Australia should meet the relevant standard to protect EV drivers even in wet conditions.

EV Type 2 Connectors (Mennekes)

Type 2 Connectors (Mennekes) Tesla EV Plug

The Type 2 connector is used for charging electric cars produced across Europe and by Tesla Motors in Australia. The 7 pin connector is extensively used in Europe and is mandated by the EU. Charging electric vehicles up to 70 kilowatts. The connection of the charging station is often as a 1/3 phase AC current or DC current which is used by Tesla Superchargers. Currently, the Australian Models of Tesla are utilizing this outlet and some European Manufacturers. They are fitted on all Tesla Charging stations and universal charging stations sold by EVSE.

Electric Vehicle SAE Combo

CCS Combo EV Plug

The Society of Automotive Engineers & Phoenix Contact has developed a combo coupler version of the standard Type 2 and Chademo plugs which has a combination of AC & DC charging up to 90 kW.  Many new European EV cars are now fitted with the CCS Combo socket to be able to charge from a CCS Combo fast charging station.

CHAdeMO electric car plug

CHAdeMO EV Charging Plug

The CHAdeMO Association of Japan developed a quick charger plug to help improve EV charging times. Specific attention in the design was made to reduce risks associated with DC current and shock protection.  Several Japanese & US automakers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, GM/Holden & Nissan have incorporated CHAdeMO plugs. Level 3 Charging stations can deliver 62.5 kWh of direct current which is close to 3x faster than conventional AC charging. It is however roughly 14x more expensive to install. 


What is solar storage?

A solar storage system is a home battery that is charged using the electricity generated by your solar panels. This energy is stored within the battery and can be used to power your home day or night. This allows you to maximise the consumption of the solar energy that your panels produce day or night.

Please modify this above picture as it is taken from tesla powerwall.


How does it work

During the day the solar panels on your roof capture solar rays and convert them to energy.

Your solar storage battery stores the excess energy or charges from the grid when rates are low.

The inverter changes the current from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC), which your home appliances use.

Your house is now powered from stored up solar energy taking you off the grid.


What type of energy do my household appliances use?

Flat Screen TV 0.1kWh/hr

Laptop 0.05kWh/hr

Refrigerator 1.6kWh/hr

Clothes Washer 2.3kWh & Dryer 3.3kWh each use


What is load shifting?

This method doesn’t take you completely off the grid but allows you to supplement peak electricity times using your stored energy. By using your battery during peak times you decrease the cost to power your household.


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