For low energy user EVE recommends a compact system that combines a 3kW solar system with 4-8kWh of storage that should replace 70-90% of your grid use. Simply select the solar battery capacity that matches your nightly usage.

Get a lower price for your power and achieve energy independence!


What type of energy do my household appliances use?

  • Flat Screen TV 0.1kWh/hr
  • Laptop 0.05kWh/hr
  • Refrigerator 1.6kWh/hr
  • Clothes Washer 2.3kWh & Dryer 3.3kWh each use
  • 5 - 15kWh Average daily household energy use 
  • Install a Solar Storgae System with 4 to 8kWh of stored energy
  • Combine with a 3kW solar array, or 5kW, if planning for the future
  • Cover 70 – 90% of your grid usage
  • Expand if your circumstances change

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