Mercedes Benz reveals the brand new EQC Electric Vehicle in an all-electric push


Earlier this year too much fanfare, Mercedes Benz released to the market their first all-electric vehicle the EQC blending together the best elements of their vehicles built on the mid-sized GLC SUV platform. This is an important move for the German Auto manufacturer as the rest of the vehicle industry begins to electrify their fleets, with Mercedes Benz starting down the barrel of being caught behind the curve. Mercedes Benz wants 50% of all of their sales to come from pure electric vehicles (EVs) or plug in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles by 2030, a target which is realistic but not overly ambitious.

The Mercedes Benz EQC comes with an 80kWh battery pack which offers a driving range of around the 450km mark, which is up there with other third generation electric vehicles on the market. Whilst pricing is yet to be confirmed, don’t expect to get much change out of $150,000, which puts the EQC at the upper end of Electric vehicles on the market alongside Tesla and Jaguar.

EV Charging for your Mercedes Benz EQC comes in the form of a single phase 7.2kW single phase home AC Charging system, via a Type 2 plug which will see your call fully charged in the space of 11 hours, ready to go the next morning. Rapid DC charging is available via a CCS2 combo plug, for the long distance journeys through 110kW of electricity.

Inside, you can expect the same luxury and bells and whistles found in traditional Mercedes Benz vehicles including optimised navigation to help you find the nearest EV charger which will help with even the most vicious case of range anxiety.


Inside look at the Mercedes Benz EQC

As far as looks are concerned, the Mercedes Benz EQC won’t immediately pop out a crowded line up, which is by design, given the EQC is based off the existing GLS drivetrain, which we think is great considering the conservative nature of the brand and it’s existing customer base.  

Expect to see the Mercedes Benz EQC charging onto show room floors before the end of this year, which marks a further increase in the range of Electric Vehicles available to the Australian public.